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Britta Tabor is not a blogger or even an influencer; she is a change agent. Britta’s journey is to help women find their true and authentic selves by knowing, who and who's they are from the inside out!!! Through her faith and fashion, Britta’s purpose is to help women know when they shine, they give others permission to do the same. She teaches women how to think outside of the box for different clothing options and offers fashion advice to those who feel their eye for fashion is a bit blurred.

As a middle-aged woman, she desires to empower women to embrace their curves, make no apology for the women they are, and celebrate the woman they strive to become. Her Faith, Family, Fashion, and Femininity are the 4 things that inspire her to help others. She believes that if you have God on your side, the family that loves and supports you, and a great sense of style, you have the perfect recipe for success.

Not only is Britta a change agent for women, but she is also a Wife of 26 years to her life partner. They are dedicated to the partnership and maintain a long-term perspective so that short-term problems don’t threaten the marriage. Using love and clear communication, both spouses are committed to persevering through both good and difficult situations.

Perhaps one of the most powerful roles that she has is a FULL-TIME caregiver to two individuals with special needs. Advocacy for individuals with special needs can be vitally important for a number of reasons;

1. It can draw attention to the injustice or unfairness of a government/health policy.

2. It can help those who are slipping through the system to be recognized.

3. It can help them receive access to special needs resources.

4. It can even unite people to fight for a common cause.

5. Most importantly – it can help them and others receive the services, care, and/or benefits that he or she needs to realize his or her full potential.

Britta has just finished her "Dare 2 Bee Weight Loss Challenge " with over 100 registrants. She opened The Bee Keepher's Closet in January 2021. It's an online curated collection of pieces from Britta's personal closet.

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